Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mind the Gap - Episode 11

Mind the Gap - Episode 11

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Thanks Obama!

We also live streamed this podcast which you can find here.

The music was made by MelodySheep, you can find it here. BUY IT NOW! IT'S THE BEST!

Enjoy, this one is super long so it will hopefully hold you over for the next week or two till the next episode. (or month, or three, or year, or millennium...)

BOOBIES!   ( . )( . )


  1. Hey Ian.Why isn't the new episode of mind the gap done?It's been more than 1 second since the last one,and I am a helpless urchin with no concept of patience or grace who contributes nothing.Wahh wahh wah.

  2. Is this dead for the time being? I enjoy all of your ramblings. :\